Indulge in ritual and celebrate the summer solstice

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Through the longest day and into the night, we welcome the Summer Solstice, a magical day of light.

Marking the second half of the year, June 21st is a day of happiness, success and joy ~ solar energies are at their most active and the universe is at the peak of expansion. It's a time that represents strength, courage and hope ~ a time to embrace the light.

“...all the beauty of life is made up of light and shadow.”

Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina

From the Latin sol (sun) and stitium (standing still), the summer solstice was given its name as, from Earth, the sun appears to stop, giving us that little bit of extra time to soak up the day ~ something that sometimes escapes us. Be ready to reflect and light up the longest day of the year ~ there’s more than one reason to celebrate…

Celebrating in this rich Yang energy, its heat, abundance and vibrancy, instils your summer with the full power of the sun. There are many sacred solstice rituals across the world, from Sweden’s Midsommar to the ancient practices in Bolivia, as well as humble rituals you can do alone or with those you love. Discover how you can celebrate the summer solstice below…

Be ready to reflect and light up the longest day of the year.

1. Bask in the early sun

Infuse the second half of your year with the vital solar energy of the solstice sunrise.

Many people begin their solstice celebrations the evening before, building bonfires, dancing and singing through the night. They then see the fullness of Earth’s transition from night to day. You can find local, all-night solstice celebrations to take part in, or simply rise early at 4 am, find your space in nature and seep yourself in the morning’s energetic delight.

2. Fill your day with music

As midsummer makes an appearance, there’s a melody in the air while June 21st celebrates Fête de la Musique - World Music Day! With a little extra light, there’s time to explore our Spotify Playlists ~ listen with the courage of the CREATOR and lose yourself in the reflection of the LOVER’s eyes. Course, if you believe in chance, you can DRAW A CARD to see which playlist is calling you, or sink into the sounds of them all.

“You know the way your soul sways.”

CREATOR, Argentum Archetype

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3. Honour the sun with salutations

Whether an established yogi or not, paying reverence to the sun with 108 sun salutations ~ Surya Namaskar in Sanskrit, is a popular solstice ritual. These devotional, deeply physical salutations honour the sun’s life-giving energy.

The Vedas, the earliest Indian scriptures, describe 108 as the number of spiritual wholeness, of divine connection between the Earth and its energetic twins, the Sun and Moon. The Sun’s diameter is 108 times that of the Earth, and the average distance of the Sun and Moon to Earth is 108 times their respective diameters. For these reasons and more, 108 is a sacred number in yogic tradition, Hinduism, and Buddhism.

4. Release & reset with a skincare routine

The beginning of the year's second half is the perfect time to cleanse, release and reset. As the sun bathes its warm light on your skin, take time this day to honour yourself with a skincare ritual.

It’s a time for restoration ~ a coming back to life by removing what no longer serves you. Cleanse away the first half of the year with our oil to milk cleanser, la lune de velours. Instilled with silver, the cool, yin frequency of the moon, it helps create harmony with the intensely yang solstice.

Inspired by the natural rhythmic cycles of the moon ~ in this case, the waning moon ~ la lune de velours highlights a time when releasing can be utilised to great effect.

5. Create a brew of summer herbs

Welcome in the solstice warmth by building a fire inside you with a hot morning brew of summertime herbs.

Herbs, spices and fruits of yellow and orange symbolise the sun’s celestial, healing energy. Take three or four of your favourites and stir them into hot water. If you’d like some guidance, we love combining soothing chamomile with invigorating lemon juice and orange peel, finishing with a dash of honey.

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6. Shine a light on the unknown

Illumination is key on this magical day ~ as we experience more sunlight, we see the opportunity to reflect upon ourselves, clearing the path for what is yet to come.

Journaling can be a beautiful practice to enjoy at this time. Use the courage and light of the sun to bring your shadow to light. For structure or support, use prompts that create a safe space for you to discover, embrace and heal your darkness.

After shining the light within, let your skin shine with our illuminating facial cleansing bar, le savon lune. Our ​soap-free bar provides an exceptional cleanse and holds both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Infused with our patented fusion of Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP, it’s a gentle yet highly effective cleanser that helps to restore the natural balance of your skin — infused with our delicate signature scent, to ​help restore​ balance and enhance ​wellbeing.

7. Invite nature in

Experiencing the solstice with time spent outdoors permeates the spirit with energy, and inviting nature into your home can be a wonderful way to continue the celebrations.

Support your local florist by picking up a collection of seasonal flowers. This is how the Swedes prepare to make their Midsommar crowns before they gently bind together stems of native flora, creating a unique headdress.

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8. Reflect & find balance

Following the moment of renewal that the Spring Equinox and its rituals bring, the Summer Solstice is the perfect opportunity to be still and let yourself enjoy the moment. The French saying Joie de Vivre (The Joy of Living) holds much resonance on this day ~ let the joy of sunlight come flooding in to balance the energies of light and dark, restoring your equilibrium.

Find the balance in your skin with our organic face oil ~ l’étoile infinie. A non-comedogenic hydrating oil that protects your skin’s elasticity with powerful antioxidant properties, while nourishing your skin and balancing natural oil production. This enhancing, natural blend uses organic argan oil as a powerful moisturiser with Vitamin E and the perfect synergy of Abyssinian and Kukui Nut Oil for skin that feels deeply hydrated and unified.

Take your time ~ make the smallest moments count and reach out to share your space ~ the Earth’s song is calling you to join in. Give yourself a chance to live in the moment, after all; the moment is all we have.

~ let your intuition guide you ~