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The Earth Moves for Love ~ What We Believe and Our Ethos

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There is a kind of magic that unfolds when science meets poetry, and since they met it has been a voyage of discovery.

We believe in truth and strive to deliver skincare with great integrity. From the very beginning, we chose to be ethically transparent ~ seeking only the finest natural and organic ingredients from sustainable sources to mix the most magical potions that emit the timeless strength of silver. Our unique & powerful skincare breaks gender and age boundaries, delivering a sensory and physical experience designed for skin.

Our patented formula and entirely recyclable packaging (formed using non-toxic adhesives, derived from sugar and fat) have led to a string of accolades. None more so prestigious than the Butterfly Mark from Positive Luxury, an award that validates brands’ positive actions towards sustainability and enables people to buy better by recognising brands who give back. We are proud to see that our approach, as well as our belief, has helped to establish ARgENTUM as a brand to trust.

“From the very start of our journey, we chose to be ethically transparent and focused on sourcing natural ingredients from sustainable sources.”

Joy Isaacs, Founder & CEO

For example, the active ingredients in our patented formula ~ Silver Hydrosol and DNA HP are derived from natural origins, with every step of the process ethically managed. If you didn’t know, Silver Hydrosol is the ultimate in refinement and purity, and supports in the regulation of skin flora thanks to its natural antibacterial properties. DNA HP, which promotes cell regeneration, is a polymer extracted from salmon milt, but only in sustainable ecosystems. It’s a raw material and is sourced in accordance with council regulations. This is the same for the little palm oil we use, which comes from a sustainable source, certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

“We never compromise on quality and focus on our mantra ‘Unique & Powerful Skincare’, but not at the expense of people, animals or the environment.”


What we believe and our ethos


It really does take a village ~ from the meticulous development stages of our formula to every individual we work with throughout the production process. It’s essential that our team (including Ruby, the office labradoodle) are treated fairly, and that no animal is harmed. We are strictly cruelty-free, with procedures in place to ensure that no animal testing is carried out. We have also pledged to be microbead free, and toxin free ~ that means no SLS, PEGs, Parabens, Petroleum or Silicons.

ARgENTUM is a place of excellence, where passionate souls become one, to contribute, enhance and enrich ~ with integrity, beauty and love. Everything we do comes from the heart ~ a simple yet powerful belief that when acknowledged, can move mountains if not, the world.

“ARgENTUM is inspired by beauty and love and it just wouldn’t feel right if integrity didn’t sit at the heart of this.

Joy Isaacs, Founder & CEO