The magic formula

After years researching the most unique and ideal ratio of skin-supporting ingredients, the ARgENTUM formula of Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP was perfected and patented in 2012 ~ which means you won’t find anything quite like it anywhere else in the world.

The symbiotic relationship between Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP means that the results for the skin are greater than the sum of its parts. Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP work together, combining their properties to naturally enhance skin health. DNA HP’s biomimetic action means that it boosts the skin’s own functions such as healing and cell turnover by supporting collagen and elastin production. It also keeps the skin plumped with hydration thanks to an abundance of hydrogen bonds (it's ten times more effective than Hyaluronic Acid). DNA HP draws this hydration into the skin’s intercellular spaces along with Silver Hydrosol’s ability to help skin restore the natural balance of bacteria for a healthy microbiome and skinthat glows with health.

The moment you apply our moisturising hero, la potion infinie, there is an immediate sensation of tightening and firming. This is known as the tensor effect caused by DNA HP delivering deep and instant hydration, along with key ingredient Caffeine, which stimulates the skin’s micro-circulation. Once the cream is absorbed, skin looks and feels renewed, hydrated without shine, and is perfectly prepped for make-up or ready to go au naturel.

la potion infinie is clinically proven to improve the appearance of lines and wrinkles, acne and blemishes, and pigmentation, as well as to reduce inflammation. 97% said that overall, their skin looked visibly healthier*.

*In clinical trials of men and women (aged 20-75) applying la potion infinie daily at Toulouse University Hospital for 3 months.

Improves fine lines
& wrinkles

The patented formula treats wrinkles and fine lines by enhancing tissue regeneration, helping to eliminate stress.

Promotes cell

DNA HP stimulates collagen and elastin and helps to eliminate free radicals, reducing lipid peroxidation.

Delivers optimum hydration

With excellent absorption, the DNA HP penetrates cutaneous intercellular space, carrying 10,000 times its weight in water.

Anti-bacterial &

Silver Hydrosol decreases the irritant effects caused by free radicals, which in turn assists the process of tissue protection.

Silver is both magical and scientific, an elemental mineral forged in the supernovae of stars and enhanced by the regenerative powers of DNA HP ~ a match made in heaven for you complexion.


Clinical trial results

We created ARgENTUM for all skin types and ages, but we didn’t want to say it simply ~ we wanted scientific proof of our patented formula and how effective it is.

la potion infinie restorative day & night cream

reduction in inflammation


improvement of acne
& blemishes


improvement of fine lines
& wrinkles


improvement in pigmentation

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l'étoile infinie enhancing day & night face oil

said skin felt softer with less dryness or flaking


said skin felt more moisturised


said the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles improved


said skin texture improved

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Support your microbiome

Caring for the skin is about finding natural balance and the microbiome is key to this.
Discover more about the science of the skin’s microflora and how our products support the body’s largest organ.