Summer skincare routine

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We love the longer days of summer, the dance of light and shade through the leaves and Nature expressing herself in all her verdant finery. However, we’re also mindful of high temperatures and how more exposure to sunlight can damage our precious skin.


Whether it’s dehydration and dryness or oiliness from extra sebum produced to slow the evaporation of moisture, each skin type reacts differently to the new season. But there are a few skincare routines that everyone can embrace when it comes to staying healthy in summer.

1. Keep well hydrated

Water is life, and remaining hydrated throughout summer is fundamental to keeping everything in your body working well — that includes your skin.

Many moisturisers claim to hydrate our skin, but in reality, they’re only able to trap water beneath it. True hydration occurs when moisture moves through the skin’s surface and interacts at a cellular level. Quench your skin’s thirst with a powerful moisturiser.

Contained within our award-winning silver face cream, la potion infinie, is the patented formula of Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP. The structure of DNA HP — an ingredient from natural origins that carries 10,000 times its weight in water — allows it to penetrate the space between skin cells, meaning it truly hydrates. Combined with Silver Hydrosol, it helps to regenerate and fortify your skin tissue, making you look and feel healthier.

2. Protect your skin from the environment

It goes without saying that every summer skincare routine should include SPF. Even on overcast days, protect your skin with a high factor SPF of 30 or more. Make sure to top up every two hours, too. Not only does it keep your skin safe, but it also prevents the impact of photoaging — the aesthetic and structural damage caused by too much sun.

You can also protect your skin from environmental damage in the summer by including antioxidants in your skincare routine. This gloriously sunny season typically means more time outside, which often leads to greater exposure to environmental free radicals like pollution. Antioxidants help defend your skin from free radicals and even protect against UVA radiation, adding another layer of protection against sun damage. Look out for vitamins C and E in your products as they provide this extra skin safety.

3. Skincare that supports your makeup

Summertime makeup fills some of us with joy — trying out new shades and palettes, while some of us prefer a barely-there look. Either way, the warmth of the season can widen pores, which can then clog with makeup, leading to breakouts. The trick is to cleanse skin well when removing makeup (Bonjour le savon lune) and provide the perfect canvas when applying it.

la potion infinie is not only a multi-tasking moisturising hero, it also creates the perfect surface for long-lasting makeup. Absorbing into the skin quickly, it leaves the complexion shine-free and smooth so liquid makeup simply glides on, while powders will blend well and stay fixed.

Non-comedogenic face oils can also help brighten and nourish summer skin (especially if they include those vital antioxidants), leaving skin looking luxuriously plumped and healthy, so you can go lighter on makeup if you wish.

Our own super-light dry oil — l’étoile infinie is a nourishing elixir composed of antioxidant-rich, 100%-natural oils you can use day or night. Apply it to your face but also your décolletage and shoulders for a natural glow.

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4. Soothe your skin after time in the sun

Overexposed skin needs love, care, and nourishment. Some of the signs that your skin has had too much sun include tightness, redness, heat, and even pain.

We’re advocates of keeping skincare natural, so we’re happy to tell you that one of the most effective forms of aftersun you can use is Aloe Vera. Its incredibly high water content and anti-inflammatory properties make it deeply soothing for the skin, which is why it’s an integral part of our formula for la potion infinie.

Whether it’s Aloe Vera or something else, make sure your day and night skincare routines include ingredients that ease inflammation. Our luxurious silver cleanser, la lune de velours, has both antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and is enhanced with Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, and Argan Oil, all of which intensely nourish and support your skin microbiome. You can also apply it as a face mask, allowing the oils to absorb for a few minutes before removing with our fina silk sea sponge and warm water.

5. Cool and depuff

Keeping your skincare cool can help reduce redness and soothe eyes made puffy from hay fever. Because our skincare products contain Silver Hydrosol, the positive charge on the silver particles can be affected by refrigeration — we always recommend keeping them at room temperature. However, keeping a spray bottle filled with spring water in the fridge can provide a refreshing and hydrating spritz when the temperature rises.

You can take it a step further by incorporating skincare accessories and tools into your routine and keeping those refrigerated too. Our solid silver cosmetic spatula, la spatule d'argent, calms and soothes skin — its antimicrobial properties also help keep bacteria away from blemishes, sore spots, and problem areas. Reduce puffy eyes by gliding la spatule d'argent across your orbital bone, from the side of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. Feel any irritation cool and your skin relax.

6. Prevent pigmentation

While we love it when the sun kisses us with freckles, hyperpigmentation can be a sign of sun damage. Too much sun exposure can also make existing hyperpigmentation, like scarring left from acne, darker on the skin.

Wearing sunscreen is an excellent preventative, but there are also key ingredients you can apply to your skin if you’re concerned about hyperpigmentation. Aloe Vera is naturally depigmenting, and ingredients like Argan Oil and Vitamin E are also used to treat pigmentation on the skin. Making these part of your daily summer skincare routine will keep you feeling confident all season.

A wise customer once said…

“Does your body deserve the same care you give your face? YES!”

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In the same way we care for our face, we need to be kind to our body when we’ve seen too much sun. Our deeply hydrating and firming body cream, la lotion infinie, soothes and strengthens the rest of your sun-kissed skin; and with daily use, its powerful actives will help to restore balance. Sharing the very same patented formula as la potion infinie, it absorbs in an instant, tightening and moisturising with no oily finish. Combined with our uplifting signature scent, la lotion infinie will brighten your skin and your day.