from a dream

Threads of silver weave through history ~ silver as protector, silver as purifier, silver as precious material. The inherent nature of silver is as ethereal and dream-like as the Moon, and it is this energy which made itself known to ARgENTUM founder, Joy, as she slept, one night in 2010. When she awoke, the message from her unconscious was clear ~ to share the wonder of silver skincare with all who are inspired by the power of self-care and self-knowledge, guided by beauty, balance, and the universal force of love.

The Proof

is in the potion

Determined to create magic from this visionary and mystical moment, Joy began deep research into the science and feasibility of her idea. Serendipity was on her side, leading to a meeting with dermocosmetic scientist, Gilbert Mouzin, who confirmed her intuitive theories. Together, they patented the formula at the heart of ARgENTUM, Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP. ARgENTUM launched in 2012 on the merit of one extraordinary product, la potion infinie, a rejuvenating silver face cream capable of achieving miraculous transformations.


the archetypes

Key to ARgENTUM’s creative journey have been the 12 archetypes ~ all of whom we embody at different times. For each of us, there are some archetypes that prefer to remain in shadow, but acknowledging and integrating them allows them their moment in the light. In honour of these energies, les parfums infinis, a collection of long-lasting natural fragrances was introduced in 2022. Formulated in Grasse, they symbolise the ethos of 12 Become 1, which begins and ends with the much-loved ARgENTUM signature scent, No.0 Become.


The universe

12 years on, and ARgENTUM’s unique Notting Hill boutique is the dream made real, a sensorial space where you can uncover the textures and ingredients of the skincare collection and receive an illuminating fragrance reading with the archetype cards. Enjoy a gourmet coffee or lunar ritual tea from our café and be inspired by the ARgENTUM philosophy to discover the beauty in balance. Not in London? You can still begin the journey to becoming acquainted with the many facets of your myriad self, and step into our world of self-discovery…