Discover the beauty in balance

Foster balance with these AM and PM skincare routines

DAY follows NIGHT. Darkness gives way to shimmering light. There is a balancing effect when opposites align ~ light and shadow, moon and sun, masculine and feminine.

While we often hear a lot about many-step skincare routines, we believe it’s about finding the unique balance for your skin, taking extra consideration when thinking about skincare for beards

To us, that comes from a simple routine, comprised of lovingly-crafted products that are backed by science and real results. It is in this space that the cosmic collides with the earthly, where the poetry of ritual meets the truth of science.


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Before beginning your skincare routine, step into your energy with a balancing morning ritual. If you believe in chance, begin by drawing an ARgENTUM ARCHETYPE card. With a sense of fun, welcome the energy drawn to you ~ let these thoughts carry you into the day ahead.

Explore the accompanying ARgENTUM playlist on Spotify and fill your day with music. Sink into the sounds or let it play softly in the background as you begin your routine.

Step 1 ~ Cleanse 

Cleansing prepares your skin so that it gets the most out of the nourishing ingredients you’ll be following up with in the rest of your routine.

As a morning cleanser, we love a facial cleansing bar. A more invigorating style of cleansing, these soap-free bars refresh and awaken the skin after a night of rest, while hydrating for the day ahead. 

If you crave such a cleanse, purify your skin with le savon lune ~ our illuminating silver cleansing bar. Hold momentarily under running water and use your hands to create a gentle, satisfying lather, applying in circular motions around your face and neck. Rinse away to reveal skin that is perfectly clean, hydrated, and visibly healthier.

Step 2 ~ Moisturise 

Moisturising the skin, morning and night, restores harmony for all skin types, from dry to oily and everything in between. The skin on your face also sheds more quickly than the rest of your body, and moisturising regularly helps protect these younger skin cells.

That’s why we always follow a cleanse with la potion infinie ~ our restorative day & night silver cream. For all skin types, la potion infinie utilises the inherent strength of silver and our patented fusion of two active ingredients ~ Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP ~ to deliver an all-encompassing treatment targeting wrinkles, blemishes, and oxidative stress. Each active ingredient has a catalytic effect on the other, a synergistic action that can hydrate and fortify skin on a cellular level.

You’ll also find caffeine in our moisturiser for a morning boost, brightening the complexion and reducing any signs of missed sleep. We love the effects and benefits of caffeine for the skin.

For a deeply sensory experience, enhance your application with la spatule d’argent ~ our hallmarked silver spatula.

Step 3 ~ Oil

We always follow up moisturising by gently patting in a natural face oil. The use of oil in skincare extends back millennia. The Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans indulged in the restorative benefits of oils like olive and almond oil. The potent ingredients of face oils can be used to treat a myriad of skin conditions, so it’s important to do your research and find the right oil to treat your concern. 

Protect and seal in moisture with l'étoile infinie~ our enhancing day & night face oil. The twin star to la potion infinie, this super-light elixir leaves a luxurious, cushioning feeling to the skin on your face and neck.

Step 4 ~ SPF

Before stepping out into the sun, apply a layer of high SPF ~ 30 or above offers the most protection. Even on cloudy days, it’s important to keep your skin safe.


The skin on your body deserves just as much love and care. For this, use la lotion infinie ~ our hydrating silver body cream. Our revolutionary moisturiser nourishes the skin with a synthesis of powerful ingredients that instantly absorb to deliver intense hydration.



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Your evening routine offers a chance to rejuvenate, release and reset. This is a time for healing ~ an invitation for your skin cells to repair while you rest.

Step 1 ~ Cleanse 

After a day in an often-busy world, cleansing your skin can feel like bliss. Sink and unwind into your pre-dream state with a more luxurious cleanser in the evening. 

Step into your evening routine with la lune de velours ~ our nourishing oil milk cleanser. Gently massage in circular motions to effectively remove make-up and reveal clean, visibly cushioned skin. We love to intensify the cleanse with our fina silk sea sponge ~ la lune sur l’eau. 

Inspired by the reflection of the full moon, our sponge is one of the most naturally beautiful and caring ways to cleanse your face and body. Handpicked from the depths of the Mediterranean sea, no two sponges are the same.

Step 2 ~ Mask

If there are still remnants of the day you wish to wash away, a deep cleansing mask can be a beautiful addition to your evening routine. 

Using a face mask once a week can support the work of your other skincare products, refining your skin, improving your complexion and tightening your pores.

Perhaps you paint on le masque infini ~ our beautifully rich and regal moon-shadow mask. 99.95% from natural origins, our balancing colloidal silver mask is a luxurious and deeply relaxing way to calm and purify your skin.

Step 3 ~ Moisturise 

After cleansing, nourish and hydrate your skin with a moisturiser. 

Our award-winning silver moisturiser delivers optimum hydration deep within and between your skin cells, with DNA HP carrying 10,000 times its weight in water.

Once again, we love to finish our skincare routine with something for our body, la lotion infinie. Our unique formula utilises the inherent strength of silver and the same synthesis of powerful active ingredients to deliver the equivalent of a face cream for your body.

Before stepping into the land of dreams, reflect on the ARgENTUM ARCHETYPE card drawn to you ~ delivered by chance, and always with love. Our archetype cards don’t predict the future or reveal what’s to come, they present a path to knowing yourself more intimately ~ where will it take you? 

Care for your skin, and yourself ~ in a way that is exquisite and magical.

True balance ~ physical, emotional, spiritual ~ seems rooted in self-inquiry. Will you embrace the magic of your beauty within?

Throughout your journey, return to routines that resonate with you, whatever they may be. Your beautiful devotion will be rewarded.

with love,