Unique & Powerful Skincare

Cleanse, moisturise and nourish your fabulous facial hair

Growing a moustache, beard, or both helps to raise awareness around a host of men’s health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and male suicide.

l'étoile infinie

l’étoile infinie, our twin enhancing face oil is perfect for your fabulous facial hair. Suitable for all skin types and ages, this natural, balanced blend uses organic Argan Oil as a powerful moisturiser with boosted Vitamin E and the perfect synergy of Abyssinian and Kukui Nut Oil. l’étoile infinie also contains triterpenoids that can help to heal and protect the skin against loss of moisture ~ ideal during the colder months and climates, acting as a disinfectant layer that will help to protect from pollution, toxins and micro-organisms.



Your Grooming Ritual

Step 1


Keeping your face, neck and beard clean is key ~ le savon lune is a soap-free cleansing bar that helps restore the natural balance of your skin. Our unique formulation is enhanced by Bentonite, a colloidal clay composed of aged volcanic ash, traditionally used for its healing treatment of everyday skincare. In combination with Silver Hydrosol, Bentonite increases the purifying action, without dehydrating or irritating your skin. 


Hold le savon lune momentarily under running water and then use your hands to create a mild lather that can be applied in circular motions around your face, neck and beard. This deep clean action will hydrate your skin and tighten pores, helping your beard to look and feel fresh. Splash or rinse with warm running water and then pat dry.


Step 2


Healthy skin is optimised by high levels of moisture ~ la potion infinie is an award-winning moisturiser and an all-encompassing treatment that improves fine lines and wrinkles and delivers optimum hydration. Containing Silver Hydrosol that regulates skin flora with its natural antibacterial and anti-irritant properties, and DNA HP, a natural marine sourced ingredient, based on the work of Nobel Prize winning scientists, la potion infinie delivers a new experience for a visibly healthier complexion.


Use once or twice a day as a moisturiser on your face, neck and around the eyes to restore and hydrate skin. Once applied to your skin, use what is left on your hands to moisturise your moustache, beard, or both.


Step 3


To complete your daily ritual, nourish your skin, moustache and beard with l’étoile infinie ~ this natural balanced blend uses organic Argan Oil as a powerful moisturiser with boosted Vitamin E and the perfect synergy of Abyssinian and Kukui Nut Oil, helping protect your skin’s elasticity and balance natural oil production.


After cleansing with le savon lune, warm a drop or two of l’étoile infinie in the palm of your hands and through your fingers. Brush both sides of your beard with your hands, using your fingers to lightly coat the hairs on your moustache.


Repeat this process every day to ensure supple, radiant skin and fabulous facial hair.