Uncover the perfect order for your day and night skincare routines

Uncover the perfect order for your day and night skincare routines

At ARgENTUM, we’ve always believed in creating your own skincare rituals of steps that give your skin what it needs, when it needs it ~  from a simple morning skincare routine that leaves you feeling ready to face the day, to a longer, more relaxing routine when you have the time. The invitation is always to find the beauty in balance ~ a balance that uniquely suits you. 

Read on to discover our suggestions for ordering restorative day and night skincare routines (for any gents reading, may we also suggest skincare for beards?)


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Before beginning your skincare routine, take a moment to reflect on your energy with a balancing morning ritual that involves checking in with yourself and indulging in the power of sound to change your mood. Do you believe in synchronicity? Begin by drawing an ARgENTUM archetype card. With a sense of fun, explore the symbolism and welcome the archetype’s message  to you ~ let these thoughts lift you up and carry you into the day ahead.

Why not enjoy your archetype’s eclectic playlist on Spotify and start your day with music? Sink into the sounds or let it play softly in the background as you begin your routine.

Step 1 ~ Cleanse 

Cleansing prepares your skin to get the most out of the nourishing ingredients you’ll be following up with in the rest of your routine.

For a morning cleanse, we love a facial cleansing bar. Using cool water offers a more invigorating AM skincare routine to awaken the skin after a night of rest. Most importantly, soap-free bars don’t strip the skin of moisture but help the skin to maintain a healthy pH balance. 

Our illuminating silver cleansing bar, le savon lune, is formulated with Bentonite Clay to purify the skin and support the skin’s microbiome, ensuring deep cleansing action while maintaining hydration levels. Moisten the bar under running water and use your hands to create a gentle, satisfying lather. Apply in circular motions around your face and neck. Rinse away to reveal skin that is perfectly clean, hydrated, and visibly healthier.

For a deeper cleanse a few days a week, our exfoliating silver facial brush adds to the experience. la lune d’argent helps to open up pores and remove dry skin, while improving circulation for optimum skin function and stimulating lymphatic flow to draw toxins away from the complexion. Simply brush in small circular motions from the centre of the face outwards and downwards to the jaw behind the ear where the lymph nodes are. You can also gently sweep from this point down the neck to encourage further flow.

Step 2 ~ Moisturise 

Moisturising the skin, morning and night, restores harmony for all skin types, from dry to oily and everything in between. The skin on your face also sheds more quickly than the rest of your body, and moisturising regularly helps protect these younger skin cells.

That’s why we always follow a cleanse with la potion infinie ~ our restorative day & night silver cream. Suitable for all skin types, la potion infinie utilises the inherent strength of silver and our patented fusion of two active ingredients ~ Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP ~ to deliver an all-encompassing treatment targeting wrinkles, blemishes, and oxidative stress. Each active ingredient has a catalytic effect on the other, a synergistic action that can hydrate and fortify skin on a cellular level.

You’ll also find Caffeine in our moisturiser for a morning boost that stimulates microcirculation and brightens the complexion, reducing any signs of tiredness. We love the effects and benefits of Caffeine for the skin.

For a deeply sensory experience, enhance your application with la spatule d’argent ~ our hallmarked silver spatula.

Step 3 ~ Oil

If your skin needs plumping up and a little extra glow, follow your moisturising step by gently patting in a natural face oil. The use of oil in skincare extends back millennia ~ the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans all indulged in the restorative benefits of oils like Olive Oil and Almond Oil. The potent ingredients of face oils can be used to treat a myriad of skin conditions, including acne. This may seem like a paradox but using the right kinds of oils which mimic the consistency of the skin’s own natural oils, helps the skin to normalise its production of sebum. 

Our facial oil, l’étoile infinie is expertly formulated with three super nourishing but lightweight oils which easily absorb into the skin for instant and balancing moisture. We refer to our enhancing day & night face oil as the twin star to la potion infinie, because it can be combined on the fingertips with our restorative day & night cream before applying for a luxurious, cushioned feel to the skin on your face and neck.

Step 4 ~ SPF

Before stepping out into the sun, apply a layer of high SPF ~ 30 or above offers the most protection. Even on cloudy days, it’s important to keep your skin safe.


The skin on your body deserves just as much love and care. For this, use la lotion infinie ~ our hydrating silver body cream. Formulated with the same patented synergy of Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP as la potion infinie, our revolutionary silver face cream, la lotion infinie nourishes and intensely hydrates skin, soothes redness and reduces pigmentation, all while supporting the microbiome for super healthy skin from head to toe.



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Your evening routine offers a chance to rejuvenate, release and reset. This is a time for healing ~ an invitation for your skin cells to repair while you rest.

Step 1 ~ Cleanse 

After a day in an often-busy world, taking the time to cleanse your skin can feel like bliss. Sink and unwind into your pre-dream state with a more luxurious cleanser in the evening. 

Step into your evening routine with la lune de velours ~ our nourishing oil milk cleanser. Gently massage the velvety, balm-like cleanser in circular motions on to the complexion to effectively remove make-up and reveal clean, visibly cushioned skin. We love to intensify the cleanse by gently buffing away the cleanser with our fina silk sea sponge ~ la lune sur l’eau. 

You could also use our exfoliating silver facial brush with la lune de velours to further dislodge stubborn make-up and dirt from the day. Once you’ve applied the cleanser, simply brush in small circles to lift away residues and pay attention to the hairline and jawline to ensure a full cleanse. Use your fina silk sea sponge to rinse away until the water runs clean and skin feels supremely clean and soft.

Inspired by the reflection of the full moon, our sponge is one of the most naturally beautiful and caring ways to cleanse your face and body. Handpicked from the depths of the Mediterranean sea, no two sponges are the same.

Step 2 ~ Mask

If there are still remnants of the day you wish to wash away, a deep cleansing mask can be a beautiful addition to your evening routine. 

Take the time to enjoy the gentle sensation of  painting on le masque infini. Our beautifully rich and regal moon-shadow mask comes packaged with a brush, the bristles of which contain silver ion technology to protect it from unwanted microbes, ensuring it always supports a healthy complexion. 99.95% from natural origins, our balancing silver mask is a luxurious and deeply relaxing way to calm and purify your skin.

Using a face mask once a week can enhance the effects of your other skincare products, refining your skin, improving your complexion, and tightening your pores. It also offers a welcome moment of respite to lie down and close your eyes for 10 or so minutes while the natural ingredients like Kaolin Clay and Activated Charcoal work their magic.

Step 3 ~ Moisturise 

After cleansing, nourish and hydrate your skin with a moisturiser. 

Our award-winning silver moisturiser delivers optimum hydration deep within and between skin cells, with DNA HP carrying 10,000 times its weight in water (that’s 10 times the power of Hyaluronic Acid).

Once again, we love to finish our skincare routine with something for our body, la lotion infinie. Our unique formula utilises the inherent strength of silver and the same synthesis of powerful active ingredients to deliver the equivalent of a face cream for your body.

Before stepping into the land of dreams, reflect on the ARgENTUM archetype card that was drawn to you at the start of the day ~ delivered by chance, and always with love. Our archetype cards don’t predict the future or reveal what’s to come, they present a path to knowing yourself better~ where will the inward journey take you while you slumber?

Is it really that important to order your skincare correctly? 

The order in which you apply your skincare products is as essential as the ingredients they contain. Layering your products in the correct order ensures that your skin receives the full benefits of each formulation.

Starting with clean skin, before applying the lightest textures like serums or essences allows these potent elixirs to deliver their active ingredients directly to your skin. Following with richer creams and oils ensures that these heavier products can effectively seal in the benefits of the preceding layers, adding their own nourishing properties without hindering the absorption of the lighter products.

Skincare is both an art and a science ~ there’s a reason behind the order to layering products, but the art is in knowing which products work for you and how many steps are optimum for your skin. This mindful approach to your skincare ritual maximises the efficacy of each product, leading to a more radiant, healthy-looking complexion.


Care for your skin, and yourself ~ in a way that is exquisite and magical.


True balance ~ physical, emotional, spiritual ~ seems rooted in self-inquiry. Will you embrace the magic of your beauty within?

Throughout your journey, return to routines that resonate with you, whatever they may be. Your beautiful devotion will be rewarded.