Meet our founder

The power of silver touched my life and I wanted to share this in the most magical way. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would have a dream about silver in skincare, and go on to find myself a part of the beauty industry. However... my path has led me here, and I couldn’t be more pleased that it has ~ because this is where our vulnerabilities can be found, along with our choice to truly embrace them.

You are beautiful, and you inspire me to create something exquisite and magical ~ just like you.


From the start my aim was to go beyond skin-deep marketing messages and I felt a strong need to honour real beauty, which I believe shines from within. This led me to explore the deeper meaning of beauty and what I discovered guided me to the understanding I hold true today. Scientists have linked physical beauty as being synonymous with symmetry, especially in one’s facial features. To me symmetry is a word synonymous with balance ~ so I looked to the concept of balance in oneself to uncover the secret of inner beauty!

Skin is our largest organ and can reflect how we feel inside. By inside, I not only mean our physical health, but our state of mind, happiness and wellbeing. Nobody glows more than someone who is full of joy, completely in-love or at peace.

This kind of beauty radiates outwards and would do well, if only we could bottle it.


I have a love for the art of tarot and the projection of what lies hidden in our unconscious mind. So after being introduced to the concept of using archetypes in branding, I swiftly took hold of the power of their imagery and wanted these 12 energies to be identified with the product and ARgENTUM as a whole.

This concept led us to 12 BECOME 1, which is all about finding equilibrium to become whole ~ a journey that is as personal to you, as it is to me. Let’s face it, who ever feels completely whole, and if they do, it’s a tough one to maintain. By embracing our lives, and the energies we attract, we can strive for that beautiful centre space ~ a place where opposites meet to align and form one. With our busy lives we probably only ever have one or two relatively calm moments facing ourselves in the mirror each day, especially when using our skincare. It is here that we have the chance to face ourselves and look a little deeper.

My wish is that you enjoy every moment in discovering, unwrapping and applying your ARgENTUM. Please use this precious time to allow yourself to connect and find inner balance. I don't always practise what I preach because grounding oneself and finding balance can be a tricky reach. Nevertheless, I am going to spend my life in the pursuit of this place, dipping in and out, but staying longer each time ~ until it becomes my home.

I not only believe in the power of science, but also in magic and that creation and beauty can come from the meeting of these most delicious masculine powers, wrapped up in feminine persuasion. We cannot fully understand and know one without the other and this belief is what anchors the heart of ARgENTUM.

I’ve been told you cannot be all things to everyman ~ but with ARgENTUM I invite you to project your desire, need or want onto it’s exquisite mirror ~ which reflects you.

Live in the moment and make your pursuit of beauty a unique and powerful one.

With Love, Joy