Written in the stars ~ the stellar origins of silver

black and white star galaxy constellation silver comes from the stars

The heart of ARgENTUM is silver, even the name ~ ‘ARgENTUM’, or ‘Ag’, as it's abbreviated, is the chemical element title for ‘silver’. It is a natural element that can be found in whole grains, mammalian milk, as well as spring and tap water. It’s an element already present in the human body, which makes it natural and highly effective in treating the skin.

Like most natural elements, one might assume silver is formed at the Earth’s core, when in fact, it is formed in the cosmos. In 2017, astronomers finally confirmed that silver occurs in neutron star explosions by witnessing a collision of two void stars in the faint starlight, from a distant dwarf galaxy.*

“Silver comes from the stars and makes a journey through space and time, finding its way into your jar of la potion infinie”.

These intense explosions produce an unfathomable amount of platinum, gold, iodine and a variety of other elements found in our own bodies, reminding us of our connection to the cosmos. The silver in our patented formula was in all likelihood forged during a brief but powerful fusion of two orbiting stars somewhere in the universe.

Symbolically linked to the moon, water and female intuition, Silver has a long history of use in alchemy ~ considered to be one of the Seven Sacred Elements of Perfection. It is even referenced in the ancient chakra order, comprising of seven sacred energy centres in the body. Silver is associated with the sixth chakra, often referred to as the ‘third eye’. In this sense, silver certainly represents the concept of reflection, both physically and as an internal exercise of self-analysis.

*Credit: Dan Kasen