Clinical trial results

l'étoile infinie

enhancing day & night face oil

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  • 97%

    said skin felt softer with less dryness or flaking


    said skin felt more moisturised


    no greasy residue

    Our facial oil, l’étoile infinie, combines some of the most precious and effective oils known to support skin health: argan oil, Abyssinian oil, and kukui oil. All three oils are lightweight, absorbing easily into the skin and because of this, are sometimes referred to as dry oils. Lightweight in texture perhaps, but heavyweight in dermatological benefits ~ l’étoile infinie leaves the skin feeling plumped and moisturised without a greasy residue or undesirable shine. Our face oil was created as the twin star to our hero restorative day and night silver face cream ~ la potion infinie. Combining the two gives the most luxuriously cushioned feel to the skin, offering extra moisturisation and hydration when needed, plus powerful and protecting antioxidants.

  • 94%

    said skin felt more balanced


    said the oil was fast-absorbing


    tames acne

    Even when used on its own, l’étoile infinie is an impressive addition to your morning and evening skincare routine. In particular, it’s fantastic for taming acne breakouts (including adult acne) and soothing stressed skin. That may feel counterintuitive, but the chemical composition of each of the oils in the blend is similar to the skin’s own oils (or sebum) and they are non-comedogenic, so they provide moisture without clogging pores. You may feel like oil is the last thing that your skin needs, but it’s a dysregulation in oil production that leads to acne ~ l’étoile infinie helps your skin get its natural rhythm back and find balance.

  • 86%

    said the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles improved


    said skin texture improved



    la potion infinie already has some impressive clinical trial results so we thought it was time to put l’étoile infinie to the test. The only one of our skincare products that doesn’t contain the skin-supporting patented formula of silver hydrosol & DNA HP, l’étoile infinie is no less powerful ~ and the results speak for themselves.

  • 85%

    said skin felt firmer


    clinically proven

    Over a period of both 14 days and 28 days, using the oil morning and evening, l’étoile infinie is clinically proven to

    ~ Significantly increase skin moisture levels
    ~ Significantly decrease transepidermal water loss
    ~ Significantly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area

    Did 100% of testers fall in love with l’étoile infinie? Well, it’s not clinically proven, but we think you’ll adore the way your skin looks and feels after using this facial oil.

Independent clinical trials 2023. Results based on 34 people aged 34-60.