Clinical trial results

la potion infinie

restorative day & night silver cream

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  • 94%

    reduction in inflammation


    improvement of acne & blemishes

    Naturally improves skin health

    clinically proven

    ARgENTUM was created for all skin types and ages ~ but how could we demonstrate that this really was the case with our extraordinarily effective face cream for optimum skin health, la potion infinie? We pursued scientific proof of the efficacy of our patented formula through clinical trials.

    The renowned medical training institution, University Hospital of Toulouse in France performed a three-fold test which recorded patient, dermatologist, and biometrological feedback for three months. This three-fold approach means that the results we got were as accurate as is scientifically possible.

    Biometrological means that as well as qualitative patient and dermatologist feedback, specialist equipment quantitatively measured the skin’s hydration levels, elasticity, and texture throughout the trials.

    The results were astonishing, clinically proving that la potion infinie improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne and blemishes, and pigmentation, as well as actively reducing inflammation ~ known to cause skin imbalances and ageing.

  • 70%

    improvement of fine lines & wrinkles


    improvement in pigmentation

    Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP

    our patented formula

    We’ve replaced the water (often listed as Aqua in the ingredients of skincare products) in our patented formula with pharmaceutical-grade Silver Hydrosol, the purest form of Silver used in skincare. It’s a safe and natural ingredient, known for its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties as well as the ability to fight free radicals and help regenerate tissue. Silver has an almost magical ability to differentiate between healthy cells and those that are pathogens to support the skin’s natural balance without any harm or irritation.

    Combining Silver Hydrosol with DNA HP, a natural marine-based ingredient that hydrates ten times more effectively than hyaluronic acid, our patented formula promotes the skin’s own healing function, accelerating the process of tissue regeneration, and leaves your skin looking and feeling healthy and balanced. We enhanced our formula by adding Aloe, a natural depigmenting compound, rich in aloin and proven to help lighten skin imperfections and work effectively as a non-toxic hyperpigmentation treatment.



    On first application you may notice an immediate tightening and firming effect on your skin ~ this is known as the tensor effect and is the first sign of the skin responding. la potion infinie delivers hydration without the shine, makes your complexion look more even, and leaves skin smooth but super soft. It may feel like your skin is not being moisturised adequately because the cream is so thoroughly absorbed by the skin and doesn’t leave an oily film on the surface. This is because la potion infinie hydrates in a different way to other creams by delivering hydration to cutaneous intercellular space rather than simply sitting on the surface of the skin.



    With regular use, you may notice a number of improvements in your skin
    ~ a clearer complexion with fewer spots and blemishes
    ~ a more luminous skin tone and evenness in texture
    ~ balancing of moisture levels (dry skin is hydrated and oily skin is regulated)
    ~ calming of minor skin inflammation and redness
    ~ reduction of fine lines and wrinkles due to the ARgENTUM formula’s ability to increase tissue regeneration and assist in the production of collagen and elastin

Clinical trial of men and women (aged 20-75), applying la potion infinie daily at Toulouse University Hospital in France