Discover the beauty in balance

Beauty is balance ~ the importance of nurturing mind, body, and soul

At ARgENTUM, we see beauty in the harmony between mind, body, and soul. A balanced existence is beautiful. When our emotional, physical, and mental wellbeing is balanced, healing and wholeness can occur, and we flourish.

These facets are interconnected, in constant conversation with each other, and our overall state of being is determined by their interaction. When any composite part is neglected, the whole is affected ~ our equilibrium is disrupted, and the way that we experience life is altered.

For example, stress of the mind can cause physiological changes in the body and lead to illness and disease. Physical illness or injury can cause depression, and lack of spiritual connection can lead to an inability to feel fulfilled and find meaning in life. 

The mind, body, and soul connection is an interplay with a delicate balance that we must continually nurture. When someone finds their rhythm in moments of harmony, it’s often obvious ~ they appear utterly radiant. It’s an approach that holistic health practices have always considered important, and ARgENTUM wholeheartedly supports.

Getting to know ourselves

The first step in attending to this balance is reconnecting with ourselves and recognising our needs. Cultivate a sense of awareness around your emotional wellbeing ~ be attentive and attuned to what’s going on inside of you.

Check in with yourself regularly

Give yourself ten minutes of mindfulness each morning to see how your body feels, what your mood is like, and which emotions are present. You can end by focusing on your breath for a while, slowing the inhale for a count of three and the exhale for a count of six. 

Pay attention to your feelings

Try to observe your feelings without becoming them. Strong, unpleasant feelings in particular are often linked to false beliefs we have about ourselves that have stemmed from painful experiences. If you find it difficult and distressing to share your feelings when someone has hurt you, for example, perhaps when you were younger you were taught or observed that this led to bad things happening. 

By paying attention, you can challenge the narratives that seem to instinctively play out and replace them with an authentic understanding of yourself. 

Listen to your body 

Notice how your body reacts to certain situations ~ what naturally energises it and what causes it to mobilise energy? Check in with your body response when meeting someone new ~ are you relaxed, or tense? The next time you decide to exercise, see if you can tell whether your body is asking for a gentle walk or something more high intensity.

Once you’re better able to see how things make you feel, you’re more attuned to what you need more of and what you need less of ~ what nourishes you and restores balance, and what takes away from it.

Try drawing one of our archetype cards in regard to a specific situation ~ reflect on its symbolic imagery, the inherent energy it holds, and what that means for you at this time.

Balancing mind, body, and soul 

Looking after your mind

Find ways to stimulate and take care of yourself mentally. A healthy mind helps with decision-making, regulating emotions, and gives us clarity. Discover what feels nourishing for you. 

It could be that your mind is craving space to just be for a while ~ meditation is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and to help people become aware of their negative thought patterns. Your version may be carving an hour out of your week to sink into some mindful self-care: put on our balancing silver clay face mask and have a bath using Epsom salts or relaxing scented bath oil. Pay attention to senses and sensations that arise along the way.

Perhaps you crave something new or challenging to get you into a flow state ~ learning the basics of a language or picking up where you left off with guitar lessons all that time ago? Forget about wanting to have a fluent conversation in another language in a few months, or which grade you can get to next, just sink into the process.

Scheduling in time to play or be creative is always a good idea ~ the benefits of expressing yourself, having fun, and doing something for the simple enjoyment of doing it are far reaching. 

Picture of an arm with a jar of la potion infinie resting on it

Looking after your body

Nourish yourself physically ~ find what works for you.

Exercise is essential for a healthy body, with its benefits including lowered stress levels, improved mood, and brain health too. It’s important to find a form of exercise that you enjoy though, or it can end up causing stress instead! If a bike ride with friends sounds good to you, choose that over a gym class you’ll resent.

Be mindful of what you eat and drink and pay attention to how you feel afterwards. You’re feeding your entire body with what you put in it, not just your stomach. The same goes for what you put on your skin ~ choose products that love your skin and bring back balance such as our natural skincare range that supports your skin microbiome.

Sleep. Your body needs time to regenerate and rest after doing all the amazing things it does for you. Allow yourself this precious time to rest and replenish all the multi-faceted parts of yourself in the process. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason!

Looking after your soul

Find what energises who you are at your very core. Do things you love, and connect to something bigger than yourself.

Feed your soul on a regular basis. Read a book in the park, take yourself for a coffee and people watch, catch some live music with a friend. Or try out new things to discover a passion you didn’t know you had ~ try a different class each week that piques your interest and see which one holds it.

Find a sense of meaning through engaging with a community that you belong to or by connecting with Mother Nature. Go on a walk and remember that you are the delicate new buds of spring that you so admire ~ nature often reflects our inner world, whether it's time to initiate new projects or to seek deep rest like we do in winter. Reconnect to this knowledge, this cyclical process, this oneness.

Finally, cultivate self-compassion. Learn to speak to yourself as you would a friend, and to catch yourself when you’re not. The kinder we are to ourselves, the stronger we become ~ we are instilling in ourselves the deep sense that we matter, that we are worth it.

The way that we view our reality affects our experience of it. Give yourself the love you deserve. Reconnecting to ourselves and nurturing the balance within leaves us able to bloom, to create positivity in the world, to get the most out of this beautiful existence of ours. 

Tend to a healthy and balanced mind, body, and soul connection, and beauty begins to shine through no matter what ~ you see the good and what you can learn in everything, even from the tough situations that are inevitable in life.

with love,