Discover the beauty in balance

Introducing the archetypes

What are archetypes?

Archetypes are akin to different characters held within the collective consciousness as well as within the individual subconscious of each of us. They are the symbolic representation of certain ideas or patterns of behaviour, ways of being that are either consciously expressed or which remain in shadow. Understanding why we are able to express certain of the archetypes and why others remain below the surface of consciousness takes us on a fascinating journey within the psyche that can uncover self-knowledge.

The word archetype comes from the Greek archos meaning ‘to begin’ and typos meaning ‘sort’ or ‘type’. Essentially, an original ‘type’ recognised by the psyche, the concept of archetypes was popularised by psychiatrist and psychoanalyst, Carl Gustav Jung. An archetype can be expressed in many different ways ~ we are never one version of the archetype in the way that the word ‘type’ implies. Archetypes live in the collective consciousness, which is why we recognise them on a subconscious level ~ we are all connected, and often it is in our stories, myths, and folklore that the archetypes reside and are universally understood.


The ARgENTUM archetypes

Since the beginning, each of our products has contained an archetype card within the packaging ~ chosen at random and delivered with love. Each beautifully illustrated card is filled with symbolism that offers a message, which will be unique to you according to what within the imagery speaks to you. The archetype cards don’t tell you your future, they reflect back what your subconscious already knows, for instance, whether you’re ready to evoke transformation (MAGICIAN) or embrace compassion (CAREGIVER).

What are the archetype fragrances?

The archetype fragrances were inspired by the twelve archetypes, numerology, and elemental energies that were instrumental in the creation and realisation of ARgENTUM. Each fragrance is a sensorial expression of the qualities of each archetype.

The theory around archetypes is that the one with whom we feel least connection, can be the one we need to work with most; and there may of course be more than one. The one we are instinctively attracted to can also be exactly what we need, so there’s no wrong or right ~ listen to your intuition. In the same way, the archetype fragrances simply invite us to play with scent, to notice the emotions that arise on first impression, and to consider how we feel when we wear the fragrance for a longer period of time. Which archetype do you feel you embody?

Our need for balance changes and evolves every day. We are not represented by one single archetype ~ we are each of us multifaceted. But in any given moment, one of the archetypes could provide the balance we need. ARgENTUM archetype fragrances are a wonderfully sensorial way to check in with how we feel, connect with the self, and restore balance through the mood-boosting power of scent.

The archetypes are expressed through the lens of each individual. So an archetype expressed through your unique self will be totally different to an archetype expressed through someone else. Equally, each of the archetype fragrances expresses themselves differently when worn on your skin compared to that of another. Why not make a visit to our Notting Hill flagship store with a friend and try them for yourself? We’d love to see you.

What’s the story behind the ARgENTUM archetype fragrances?

The ARgENTUM fragrance journey began many moons ago with the creation of BECOME ~ the signature scent of hero product, la potion infinie face cream. The feel-good fragrance notes are so loved by our customers that we decided to capture and bottle them with our perfumer and the citrus woody scent of BECOME was then No.0, in what was to become our range of alcohol-free eaux de parfums. Over a seven-year period, twelve archetype fragrances were lovingly crafted and emerged from the perfume capital of the world, Grasse, using patented Water Plant Emulsion® technology. les parfums infinis is a collection of long-lasting fragrances that are of a high percentage of natural origin, free from chemical solvents, and kind to skin and hair. With a sense of fun, ARgENTUM invites you to explore the archetype fragrances and their energies ~ Creator, Sage, Magician, Caregiver, Hero, Jester, Innocent, Rebel, Explorer, Ruler, Everyman, and Lover.


Can natural fragrance be long-lasting?

Natural fragrances have not always had a good level of staying power on the skin. That’s where les parfums infinis are different. Each of the archetype fragrances is primarily constituted of natural ingredients ~ all within 93.33% and 98.53% ~ and are as long-lasting as a traditional eau de parfum. This is thanks to a patented technology known as Water Plant Emulsion® (WPE®), sometimes referred to as parfum-en-eau, which is alcohol-free and solvent-free.

Why choose alcohol-free fragrance?

Alcohol is not only drying for the skin, but it’s ageing, while solvents can be irritants. Most traditional fragrances use both alcohol and solvents in their composition, but we chose not to. The oil and water, plant-based emulsion with which the archetype fragrances are formulated is moisturising for the skin and hair and won’t irritate sensitive skin. The archetype fragrances are also halal.

How to choose your fragrance

Our fragrance discovery kit is the ideal way to explore all our natural perfumes if you’re unable to visit us in our London flagship store in Notting Hill. If you are able to visit us though, the store is a magical environment in which to draw cards from our archetype deck and create your own scent journey, which will help you choose your archetype fragrance (or indeed fragrances, if more than one is drawn to you). Drawing from the deck of archetype cards can offer up a surprise ~ or simply confirm your instincts. That’s the beauty of the archetype journey.

We also created our online spinner to allow destiny to bring forth an archetype for you ~ if the message and the archetype isn’t resonating, as always, trust your intuition, simply spin again, enjoy the journey.

with love,