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Q&A Science

What is the science behind ARgENTUM?

Our patented science utilises a combination of Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP to deliver super hydrating, restorative, anti-age skincare. Silver Hydrosol has powerful anti-irritant and antibacterial properties that help to regulate skin flora, increase the process of tissue protection and decrease the irritant effects caused by oxidative stress. DNA HP promotes cell regeneration, the production of collagen and elastin, and reduces lipid peroxidation. Its high molecular weight results in excellent absorption, enabling optimum hydration. This synergetic action results in tissue regeneration and acts as a powerful antioxidant - a bioactive formula, for a visibly healthier complexion.

Why have you patented this unique combination?

After years of research in the field of anti-ageing, we have formulated a patented fusion of two vital ingredients, Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP (PCT/EP2013/050422). Each ingredient has a catalytic effect on the other, thereby enhancing their properties and optimising the potency of our formulas.

This synergetic combination has been used where beneficial across our range of natural skincare, and forms the essence of our multi award-winning hero product ~ la potion infinie.

What is Silver Hydrosol and why is it beneficial?

Silver Hydrosol is the purest and highest grade (made of 99.99% pure silver) of all the silver categories. It has a high content (96%) of ultra-fine, positively charged silver ions (Ag+), suspended in pharmaceutical-grade purified water. It has powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, regulates skin flora, increases the process of tissue regeneration, decreases irritant effects caused by oxidative stress and stimulates skin elasticity.

How does your science deal with the causes of ageing?

Our patented formula deals with the principal causes of ageing by enhancing tissue protection and helping to eliminate free radicals. It works by trapping a toxic radical, namely hydroxyl, which is highly reactive to collagen and elastin, causing their oxidation and degradation. It decreases the irritant effects caused by oxidative stress and stimulates skin elasticity. 


Can I use ARgENTUM on acne, roscea or psoriasis?

Customer feedback* has shown that our formula has improved symptoms of acne, rosacea and psoriasis which is caused in part by bacteria and inflammation of the skin. Our main active ingredient, Silver Hydrosol, is known for its anti-irritant and antibacterial properties and combined with DNA HP, promotes healing. 

*This is based on customer feedback only, as no clinical trials have been undertaken.

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