Spend over £50 ~ free la potion infinie (14ml).
Spend over £100 ~ free la potion infinie (14ml) and la lotion infinie (200ml).

What is the science behind ARgENTUM?

Our patented science utilises a combination of Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP to deliver super hydrating, restorative, anti-age skincare. Silver Hydrosol has powerful anti-irritant and antibacterial properties that help to regulate skin flora, increase the process of tissue protection and decrease the irritant effects caused by oxidative stress. DNA HP promotes cell regeneration, the production of collagen and elastin, and reduces lipid peroxidation. Its high molecular weight results in excellent absorption, enabling optimum hydration. This synergetic action results in tissue regeneration and acts as a powerful antioxidant - a bioactive formula, for a visibly healthier complexion.