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Discover the story of our silver talismans

Discover the story of our silver talismans


Each of our eaux de parfums comes with a silver talisman that depicts the fragrance’s archetype nestled within the lid like a treasure. This is a unique way to identify which scent is contained within, but each magical silver talisman can also be removed and worn as a pendant or charm on necklaces and bracelets. Beautifully realised and designed in house by Founder & CEO, Joy Isaacs, and Creative Director, Sam Gray, (who also happen to be husband and wife), the talismans are a testament to the level of detail and craftsmanship applied to every aspect of the ARgENTUM experience.


a silver talisman being buffed by a tool

The magic of silver jewellery ~ a long tradition

Silver has long been used in jewellery-making ~ in Britain, it was the precious metal of choice long before gold and platinum became popular, because historically, money (in the form of coins) and silver were inextricably linked. But with silver prices currently rising as it is a precious and finite material, this incredible metal that is forged in the supernovae of stars is seeing a resurgence in popularity.


close up image of silver talismans


Joy has always had a passion for jewellery and as ARgENTUM literally means silver in Latin, silver was the obvious choice for these amulets which resonate with the energies of the archetypes. Traditionally worn for protection or to attract good fortune, talismans were often inscribed with words or symbols and weren’t always made from precious metal, but could be held close, offering strength and succour in moments of uncertainty.


another close up image of the silver talisman

Silver purity and its signifiers ~ a hallmark of authenticity

In our formulations, we use Silver Hydrosol, which is the purest and highest grade of silver used in skincare. Equally, when using silver to craft tools (such as our silver spatulas) or the talismans, purity is of utmost importance to us.

The purity standard of 92.5 percent – or 925 parts pure silver per thousand – which signifies sterling silver, dates back to the 13th century and a statute issued by King Edward I of England. Back then, All silver items (and gold for that matter) were required to be hallmarked with the leopard’s head insignia of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths in London. Much later on in history, hallmark sequences became the standard, which included the date letter, the town mark, the maker’s mark, and the lion passant ~ denoting genuine silver, which is now more popularly indicated by 925.


a man's hands holding a silver talisman


Each ARgENTUM archetype talisman is hallmarked with the maker’s mark AG for ARgENTUM, 925 denoting sterling silver, the town mark (an anchor for the Assay Office Mark of Birmingham), and a letter relating to the year it was made (X is 2022).

Six generations of silversmithing ~ the mark of an expert


Image of the outside of the factory


Bringing the metal element into the design of our iconic bottles was no easy feat, despite having experience in designing our hallmarked silver spatulas. Luckily, we had the expertise of industry leader and family business, Thomas Fattorini Ltd, to support and guide us in our vision. Fattorini has a long history of working in silver, having been founded in 1827 by Antonio Fattorini, and the company’s prestigious clients include Aston Martin and McLaren. They also hold a Royal Warrant and designed the commemorative hallmark for the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III.


a man's hands holding a pile of silver talismans

A penny for your thoughts ~ or perhaps a silver talisman?

The idea of a coin makes us think of money. We know that coins have monetary value, yes, but their worth can be more than that; they can be invested with energy ~ and in the case of ARgENTUM’s coin-like talismans, archetypal energies. In the symbology of the Tarot, the suit of Coins or Pentacles, represents the material, physical world ~ the full manifestation of what was once an idea, a dream made real. Our archetype fragrances took seven years to formulate and craft to perfection in the perfume capital of the world, Grasse. The talismans crown their completion ~ a vision that has come full circle.


close up image of the tool


Each country has its own coins which often feature a monarch or figurehead alongside symbolism that represents the spirit of the nation, such as a coat of arms or particular animal associated with that country. That holds great collective power because we understand and accept the worth and meaning of those coins ~ in the same way, the talismans can hold great power for you when you wear them based on the imagery depicted on each of them and the energy they inspire in you.

Wear your silver talisman ~ embody your archetype

Each of our archetypes is depicted by an animal, rich with mythological symbolism. They are signifiers of universally accepted meaning, for example, the owl (SAGE) representing wisdom or the lion (HERO) being associated with courage. They will have particular significance to each of us as individuals depending on our life experience as well, which affects how we respond to them.


image of a silver talisman on a chain around a model's neck


The twelve are divided into four elements to help us understand more about the predominant fragrance notes of each of their respective eaux de parfums ~ whether it is woody (Earth), spicy (Fire), fresh (Water), or floral (Air). The element is depicted by a patterned surface on the other side of each talisman. Finally, each of the archetypes are numbered using numerology to reflect their inherent energies. No.0 is BECOME, the signature scent of la potion infinie, our Restorative Day & Night Silver Face Cream, and the embodiment of the philosophy 12 BECOME 1. This is when all elements and archetypes are integrated and the beauty in balance is fully realised ~ something we all experience in those moments of equilibrium when we truly feel at one with ourselves.

Which one are you instinctively drawn to? You may be delightfully surprised by the meanings behind the archetype that speaks to you…