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Q&A Archetypes

What is an archetype?

ARCHETYPES are the contents of our collective unconscious ~ symbolic images reflecting inherent energies, patterns that are common to us all.  Each of our products contains 1 of 12 archetype cards CREATOR, SAGE, CAREGIVER, MAGICIAN, EVERYMAN, RULER, JESTER, INNOCENT, REBEL, EXPLORER, HERO & LOVER delivered by chance, but always with love.

What is 12 BECOME 1?

12 BECOME 1 to form ARgENTUM ~ a pursuit of beauty through balance. We find beauty in symmetry ~ the balance of our reflection to its connection within. Through our archetypes we invite you to acknowledge your inner beauty by embracing and balancing all 12 to become 1.

Combining masculine with feminine intuition, ARgENTUM emits the timeless strength of silver, breaking gender and age boundaries to deliver a sensory and physical experience, created for skin. 

How do I view my monthly archetype oracle?

With every new moon explore your card online and discover what your monthly archetype oracle may reveal to you.

Visit ~

With a sense of fun, we invite you to draw energy from the poetry and symbolism, to help reflect your subconscious. The idea is to acknowledge inner beauty ~ focus on their message to inspire balance and harmony within.


The views, opinions and interpretations expressed by our archetypes are designed for entertainment purposes only. No reliance should be placed on any prediction perceived.

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