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A truly joyful fragrance, JESTER embraces the spirit of optimism, inviting playful light-heartedness on every step of the journey. A spray of this floral wood parfum on the skin entreats you to see the bright side and trust in the future.

Greater than the sum of its parts, JESTER is a symphony of citrus notes that harmonise with white flowers and a hint of sandalwood for a scent that’s reminiscent of warm summer days and light dancing on water.

Our natural fragrances are formulated without solvents or alcohols to be kind to skin.  Using a unique parfum-en-eau system known as Water Plant Emulsion, JESTER offers a long-lasting scent that can also be used on hair. WPE® is a patented technology that mixes oil and water with fragrance to create a super-fine and moisturising microemulsion, avoiding the ageing effects of alcohol-based perfumes.

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