Discover the beauty in balance


EVERYMAN is a leafy, green fragrance that harmoniously balances invigorating citrus with earthy moss ~ uplifting and yet grounding. 

Vibrant top notes of lemon and daffodil and a lush base of moss and cedarwood, make for a classic scent of timeless allure. EVERYMAN is a unisex citrus moss fragrance that is 96.20% from natural origins. 

Created without solvents or alcohol, EVERYMAN, and our entire collection of natural eaux de parfums, lasts as long on the skin as traditional perfume by using Water Plant Emulsion. WPE® is a patented technology that mixes oil and water with fragrance to create a microemulsion, which absorbs into the skin quickly, leaving it moisturised and scented. Explore other citrus scents in the collection, including citrus wood BECOME and citrus floral INNOCENT.

The complete collection of les parfums infinis has been clinically assessed and shown to support the skin's microbiome. Read more.