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Memory of scent ~ the science of emotion

Memory of scent ~ the science of emotion

The evocative nature of scent, often connected to a specific place or memory, has a unique storytelling power ~ with stronger links to memory and emotion than any of the other senses. Even a whisper of fragrance can instantly unlock a particular mood or memory, or make you feel more at home in your own skin.

In this way, scent is an excellent entry to emotion. We see fragrance as a form of intuitive expression ~ a way to outwardly reflect inherent energies within.

Memory of scent

Neuroscientists have suggested that smell and memory are so closely linked because of the anatomy of the brain. Smells are handled by the olfactory bulb (the brain’s smell centre), which has direct connections to the hippocampus (the area of the brain responsible for memory) and the amygdala (which processes emotion). This close physical connection in the brain may explain why a certain smell can trigger a vivid memory or an intense emotion.

Scent ~ as primal as it is mystical ~ has a long evolutionary history. With roots in the way single-celled organisms interact with the chemicals around them, smell is one of the most basic senses. It allowed early humans to identify dangers, enemies, and other life-threatening situations ~ still today, scent continuously informs our ability to understand the world around us.

Since our brains are wired to look out for potential risks, we’re able to detect strange or unusual smells quite quickly. A non-threatening smell, however, does not require our attention, so the result is that everyday, habitual scents are concealed, but our olfactory receptors are able to identify even the slightest change in our surroundings.

This intimate connection between scent and the brain influences our perception of fragrances worn intentionally, as well. Since our sense of smell is designed to ignore everyday aromas, you may eventually stop noticing the perfume you wear regularly ~ even your most loved scent.

The science of emotion

Of the five senses ~ sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch ~ smell is the last to give up its secrets to science. The boundary-setting dimensions of wavelength for colour vision and frequency for sound has allowed our understanding to flourish, but the world of smell is much more complex. There are no limits to build our understanding from, so the details of our ability to perceive scent remain a mystery.

What is agreed upon is that scents can be connected to memories. In the science world, the recollection of smells is called olfactory memory ~ our internal library of scents, built on past experiences. When attached to strong emotions, some of these memories will become lifelong ~ felt deeply and likely to be recalled more clearly and in more detail than neutral events.

For centuries, this connection between scent and emotion has been used in the powerful practice of aromatherapy. Ancient aromatics were considered sacred elements and precious remedies. When used alongside worship and prayer, these early scents (produced by burning ancient woods and spices) were believed to enhance the collective experience ~ bringing everyone into one space and one frame of mind.

Nowadays, fragrance has become a way for individuals to thoughtfully (and creatively) express themselves. Perhaps wearing a fragrance is really all about connection ~ when was the last time you closed your eyes and took a deep, purposeful breath? What smells like love, or joy, or beauty to you? Trust your intuition to uncover your truth.

12 become 1

Scent is an elemental part of our everyday lives ~ it’s the backdrop to everywhere we go and everyone we interact with. When worn according to mood and moment, fragrance has the power to enhance your experience of daily life ~ it’s a chance to reveal and reconnect with the many less obvious aspects of who you are.

So, like a shelf of your favourite books, we invite you to create a collection of fragrances to tell your story. Like different plotlines unfolding, your storybook of scents will embody the different notes of your personality ~ encapsulating the magic of your beauty within and softly radiating it to those around you.

To discover the scents that instinctively attract you, it’s helpful to limit the number of perfumes you test to three at a time. Any more than that can oversaturate your nose ~ diminishing your brain’s ability to capture a fragrance’s true nature.

Similarly, extended wear can also cause your brain to stop responding to a particular scent. Rotate the fragrances in your library to delight your senses, elevate your mood, and allow your story to unfold.

As you build a collection of your own swirling energies ~ explore ARgENTUM’s new line of natural fragrances and let your intuition guide you.


herbaceous citrus wood

Complete the circle of BECOME, where masculine blends with feminine intuition.

Follow a flight of citrus that’s accompanied by the delicate essence of rosewood and geranium leaves, thriving on a vibrant heart of spices and extending to a composition of sandalwood and patchouli.

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air sugar spiced

Bring the creativity of the CREATOR to realise your individuality through self-acceptance and new beginnings.

Sink into a whimsical wave of fuzzy osmanthus enriched with spicy cumin, bitter orange and davana, that sinks gently into a base of soft suede, powdery iris and sweetly suave benzoin.

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No.2 ~ LOVER

water floral musk

Reflect the LOVER’s bliss and connect with an effortless commitment to finding true love.

Explore crystalline notes of crisp green geranium and pink peppercorn as they blend seamlessly into delicate and sweet honeyed rose petals and crushed berries, enveloped in a translucent, airy musk.

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water wood floral

Feel the spirit of the JESTER as joy and laughter lead to your freedom.

Follow a burst of tropical kumquat fruit to a sparkling symphony of green tangerine, bergamot and blood orange that yields warm berry, ginger and tamarind, elevated by sophisticated white flowers and sandalwood.

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earth citrus moss

Flow with the devotion of the EVERYMAN to gain trust in your surroundings and anchor your loyalty.

Find fresh circles of lemon evaporating to reveal a gloriously green bouquet of star anise, aromatic clary sage and wild daffodil, softened by salty-sweet mimosa and powdery cassia on a captivating, rich base of patchouli and cedarwood.



earth spiced amber

Exude the prowess of the EXPLORER and celebrate personal freedom with individuality, travel and adventure.

Travel the journeyed plumes of labdanum and incense that lend depth to Argentine grapefruit, sichuan pepper and cardamom as they hover over mysterious, intense base notes of Indonesian patchouli and ambrette.



earth sweet wood

Embrace the compassion of the CAREGIVER with carefully directed altruism and sincere generosity.

Find yourself in an earthy opening, pairing sesame seed and Haitian vetiver that’s illuminated with touches of neroli and Sicilian bergamot before surrendering to the irresistible gourmand warmth of elemi, cinnamon and patchouli.


No.7 ~ SAGE

air floral powdery

Observe the consciousness of the SAGE to awaken your inner wisdom through the power of nature.

Land in a bittersweet, almond-like veil of heliotrope lightened with the powder-green freshness of Egyptian violet leaf that rests on a pillow of exotic ylang-ylang, soft vanilla and velvety sandalwood.

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fire pepper spiced

Invoke the power of transformation with the MAGICIAN to attract the alignment of self and cosmos.

Dance through time as dry cedarwood shavings, sweet myrrh and resinous labdanum evoke ancient medicinal balms suffused with black pepper, clove bud and chilli ~ shot through with a lingering trail of sensual amber.


No.9 ~ HERO

fire aromatic wood

Devote the energy of the HERO with courage and discipline to protect all that you cherish.

Notice the licks of fiery cardamom and cumin seed oil become tempered by refreshing waves of basil and orange, as we descend into cool, earthy, comforting layers of vetiver root and patchouli.

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No.10 ~ RULER

air floral spiced

Balance the strength of the RULER to build integrity and bring honour with a sense of responsibility.

Find fresh jasmine, tuberose and rose, which reveal a disarmingly crisp, green, yet spicy heart shot through with ginger, pink peppercorn and juniper berry ~ all laced with sparkling citrus and amber.

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water citrus floral

Follow the guiding light of the INNOCENT which encourages you to trust in your sense of loyalty and powers of discernment.

Float along a gentle breeze of minty herbs, tropical basil, lemon, clary sage and green apple, and mingle with swirls of bitter almond before mellowing into plush layers of sandalwood and ambrette.


No.12 ~ REBEL

fire amber oudh

Experience the evolution of the REBEL and embrace change to build a life of learning.

Explore the breaking notes of aromatic angelica seed and papyrus peeling away to reveal bittersweet saffron warmed by more intimate notes of smoky, tarry, leathery styrax, benzoin, and myrrh, which frame a boldly complex and sensual Oudh base.

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As you journey into this uniquely experiential world, delight in the energies which lie where scent, memory, and emotion are lastingly entwined.