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Introducing SHINE the LIGHT ~ With Make-Up Artist Jared Lipscomb

Introducing SHINE the LIGHT ~ With Make-Up Artist Jared Lipscomb

Love and integrity beat in the heart of everything we do at ARgENTUM. For a while, we’ve been nurturing the idea of connecting, emotionally, with people we admire and respect ~ presenting their stories in a project that goes beyond who we are as a business.

Introducing ‘SHINE the LIGHT’ ~ an evergreen series of stories written to capture the essence of people who inspire us. People who create change and see beauty for what it is ~ something that goes far below the surface of our skin.

Through the series, we’ll invite you to meet our luminaries ~ to see them as we see them, and celebrate the positive contributions of each as they brighten our world.

Our first luminary is Jared Lipscomb, an artist who discovered his passion for make-up when he moved to Los Angeles in 2014. Jared’s clean and beautiful celebrity look has been featured on TV in Orange is the New Black, captured with E! Live from the Red Carpet, and printed on the pages of Cosmopolitan, Flaunt, and Who What Wear magazine.

In the summer of 2019, everything changed for Jared when he received news about his health. He posted this on his Instagram:

Today I was diagnosed with Leukaemia. Hearing it was surreal. But after many tears, and hugs from my mom, I'm ready for the next steps. It was detected early and I'm getting the best possible care. I'm starting treatment immediately.

Jared Lipscomb

Despite the challenging rounds of chemotherapy, and pressures around insurance and his treatment, Jared is taking his journey with great courage. And continuing to create captivating looks for himself and others.

With help from those he loves, Jared gives his time to raising awareness of cancer and the importance of donating bone marrow ~ all the while celebrating his love of make-up, which inspires thousands of people around the world.

If you feel like you’re losing everything, remember that trees lose their leaves every year and they still stand tall and wait for better days to come. I’ve lost a couple of leaves the past few weeks, some simply blew away when the going got tough and others passed on as the seasons changed. I’m battling a lot right now but will continue to stand tall, because every day is a good day and I have so much to be thankful for!

Jared Lipscomb

Now and again, we experience something special at work ~ something that makes our breath deepen, and our hearts skip. We pour so much love into every jar we produce, and people often say beautiful, humbling things about our products. But when we saw Jared say that la potion infinie was ‘the only cream to hydrate my chemo-ridden skin’, our hearts opened a little more, and the conversation that led to this series of stories began.

How can someone diagnosed with something as serious as leukaemia shine so bright? Where do they find the energy to battle, continuing to inspire others? And how do they feel through it all?

We got in touch with Jared to ask for his thoughts…

Q. Jared, what’s the one thing you do every day that’s just for you?

I blast my favourite pop songs, either in my headphones, in my car or just around the house, and have a dance party for one (or two or three depending on who’s around). The joy of enjoying an upbeat song and just letting loose is very therapeutic and a ton of fun!

Q. What inspires you?

I’m inspired by small acts of kindness in this big, often cruel, world. Battling cancer has made me appreciate the little things in life and see that kindness is such an easy, small thing to share. From strangers messaging me words of encouragement online to nurses comforting me when I’m scared, I’m always blown away by kindness. This, in turn, inspires me to do the same for others.

Q. What does love mean to you?

Love, to me, is the ability to be there for someone regardless of circumstance, without asking for anything in return. Whether it’s between family, friends, a pet or even yourself, true love should be pure and simple with no conditions.

We're so grateful to Jared for sharing his story with us, and for allowing us to shine our light on him. To see more of Jared’s work, follow his journey or share kindness with him, visit his website, Instagram and GoFundMe.