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From the silver screen to silver cream ~ backstage with Carolina Dali

From the silver screen to silver cream ~ backstage with Carolina Dali

Internationally renowned make-up artist Carolina Dali continues to come back to our unique and powerful skincare. Not just for the beautiful finish it bestows when applied under make-up, but for its deeply hydrating and nourishing formulas. As any make-up artist will tell you, star-kissed skin begins with love and care.

Carolina Dali grew up in New York ~ a world fascinated by beauty, fashion and photography. Her career began once she moved to Europe where she freelanced for various cosmetic brands such as Dior, Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. By the age of 21, she was chosen by Dior to serve as their National Make-up Artist.

Working with different photographers over the years led her to work on editorials for V magazine, Vogue, Vogue Italia, Teen Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Interview, Dazed & Confused, Purple, The New York Times, GQ, ELLE, Glamour, to name a few…

Having used ARgENTUM on clients, it’s clear that it isn’t just the formulas Carolina loves, it’s also the gentle approach that makes our skincare suitable for all skin types.

“It’s gentle on the skin and suitable for those with sensitive skin types, I never have to worry about a client having a reaction.”

Carolina Dali

Working with supermodel Hilary Rhoda, Carolina skipped foundation and powder, using only our face oil, l’étoile infinie. This gives skin a natural, lustrous glow that also works effortlessly as a base for make-up.

“It’s particularly beautiful under make-up, allowing it to glide on flawlessly, helping me create that natural glow-from-within look.”

Carolina Dali

Our twin enhancing face oil helps to protect your skin’s elasticity with powerful antioxidants. It works to nourish skin and balance natural oil production while unifying your complexion. Formulated with a healthy dose of organic Argan Oil (which boosts the skin with its powerful moisturising properties), our 100% natural face oil has been combined with Vitamin E, Abyssinian and Kukui Nut Oil, leaving the skin luminous and feeling healthy.

“I always use the face oil followed by la potion infinie.”

Carolina Dali

Providing hydration without the shine, our restorative day & night cream ~ la potion infinie ~ is an ideal base for make-up. It absorbs instantly with no oily film on the surface of the skin and leaves your complexion looking even and feeling super soft. By combining the oil with the cream as Carolina does, your skin is left feeling cushioned and deeply nourished.

The skin on the body also requires love and care. And for this, Carolina uses la lotion infinie ~ our super hydrating body cream. A revolutionary moisturiser that instantly absorbs to deliver intense hydration.

Featuring the essence of our award-winning cream la potion infinie, the unique formula contains the same synthesis of powerful ingredients that will target problem areas and make an exceptional difference to the appearance of your skin.

~ let your intuition guide you ~

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