The benefits of caffeine on the skin

argentum apothecary cream la potion infinie violet glass jar open with black and white illustration caffeine

“...Arabica, arabica, arabica…”

The sleepy silver-tongued whispers that came to Joy Isaacs, the Founder of ARgENTUM, in a dream. She took this to their scientist... “Ah!”, he cried, “Caffeine!”. It was the final key ingredient to our patented formula.

The benefits of caffeine in skincare are many, and we love the way it complements our key ingredients, pure silver hydrosol and DNA HP, to create a potent skincare formula that gets results.

Caffeine’s benefits for skin


1. A natural antioxidant

After drinking a cup of coffee or tea, we tend to experience a little lift. But caffeine has proved itself to be more than just an effective morning brew. Its impressive qualities also boast detoxifying and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a potent, natural antioxidant.

2. Reduces excess sebum

Caffeine’s lipolytic action reduces excess sebum on oily skin. This is because caffeine is able to dissolve the fats and oils present in sebum, preventing it from clogging pores


3. Reduces dark circles and eye bags

​Caffeine also reduces irritation and minimises dark circles and sagging skin under the eyes. This is due to its ability to enhance microcirculation. 

Microcirculation is simply the circulation of the blood in your body’s smallest vessels. It’s these vessels that are responsible for blood flow to the skin. Blood flow to these areas naturally reduces as we get older, so it’s important to use natural ingredients that promote microcirculation.

4. Tightens and brightens

It is this same microcirculation that delivers an instant tightening and firming effect ~ similar to the sensation you feel when you first apply our silver skin cream, la potion infinie.​ You can use this to the same effect on your body too. Our hydrating body cream, la lotion infinie, firms, tones and tightens, leaving skin feeling supple and smooth.

5. Supports collagen and elastin production

The improved blood flow that comes from microcirculation also helps support the production of collagen and elastin, two integral components to maintaining a youthful complexion. We can’t get enough of this wondrous bean.

6. Protects from sun damage

Caffeine helps defend cells against the damage of UV rays, which means it works to slow the process of photoaging. Pairing this with the boost it gives collagen and elastin production, caffeine in skincare can be a powerful anti-aging tool. 

7.  Naturally hydrating

What's more... recent research shows that caffeine also stimulates the electrophysiological environment of the skin. 

This increase in electrical ion activity creates a force that pulls water into the skin from the blood circulatory system ~ a process called electro-osmosis, which in turn hydrates the skin. 

Silver is a key conductor of electricity and this, in combination with caffeine’s abilities, enhances hydration within the skin effectively, producing supple, healthy skin, naturally. That’s why we love this fusion in our skincare collection and make sure it’s part of our day and night skincare routines.

All of this from a humble bean, and a rather useful dream.

~ let your intuition guide you ~