Discover the beauty in balance

A collection to fall in love with ~ introducing our brand new packaging

From the very start, we wanted to create a collection you can fall in love with ~ skincare that looks as good on your shelf as it feels on your skin. We love our illustrated world and chose to explore it a little more while working at home, nurturing the idea of a new experience that presents ARgENTUM as we always dreamed.

“Introducing a theatre of illustration and poetry, protecting the beauty and science inside. Our new book-boxes are part of a collection that mark the visual beginning of many new chapters for ARgENTUM ~ where science meets poetry.”

Sam Gray, Creative Director

New packaging image

Experience is everything

We want every second you spend with ARgENTUM to feel special. So, we designed our new packaging to guide you intuitively and beautifully through the unboxing experience. From the moment you remove a sleeve to the moment you open a product ~ we created everything for you.

  • Our new packaging is wrapped in a dream-like world of illustration, which protects the black book and tells you about the product inside. We’ve even added a QR code you can scan to read more.
  • You’ll notice a DISCOVER sticker on the opening corner of each book… It’s a promise of authenticity ~ a security label that gives you peace of mind and shows you where to start.
  • Open the book, and you’ll find the place where science meets poetry. Protected by Fire, Air, Earth or Water ~ your journey begins. Where will it take you?
  • We always send an archetype card with each product, but only la potion infinie arrives with an illustrated card. Now, every product contains 1 of 12 full-size illustrated archetype cards, delivered by chance and always with love. With a sense of fun, we invite you to draw energy from the imagery and symbolism. Acknowledge your inner beauty and focus on their message to inspire balance and harmony within. Which card will be drawn to you?
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Sustainability Matters

Recognised as a beauty Brand to Trust, we’re proud to wear the Butterfly Mark awarded to us by POSITIVE LUXURY.

Why we create, what we create, how we create, where we create, and who we create with is more than important to us. It is us. It’s ARgENTUM, and our impact on nature and society should always be positive. Here are some of the things we’ve improved…

  • We use less water-based glue than before and only where necessary to secure and protect the products inside.
  • We use FSC certified and sustainable materials, and we use less of this material (overall) than before.
  • We print with vegetable-based inks, and the process is FSC audited.
  • From the book to the bottles and jars ~ everything is recyclable.
  • Our collection of packaging shares many of the same design features. Where possible, we print, produce and package different products at the same time, helping to reduce our impact on the environment.
  • We discovered (by chance) that the samples were the perfect size to store things like crayons, pencils, and pens throughout the design process. So, we made sure all internal fitments are easy to remove, giving each book a second life. What will you keep in yours?
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If you haven’t seen the Butterfly Mark before, here’s a little more about POSITIVE LUXURY and the work they do…

“The Butterfly Mark is the luxury industry-leading certification, highlighting brands, suppliers and retailers that are committed to having a positive impact on nature and society. The Mark provides confidence that a business operates in line with international standards and best practice while pursuing innovation and making a considerable effort to go beyond ‘normal’ industry standards.”

Positive Luxury

What's in a name?

You may also notice each product has a slightly different name. No, not the French, that’s the same. It’s the product descriptions, and it’s not a significant change; we just made them a little more descriptive.

And although our new packaging looks ever-so-slightly different, our ingredients, patented formula and product quality are still the same.

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In moments of reflection, our skincare collection reveals beauty through balance. With each of our products, we encourage you to find the time to truly see and express yourself ~ to listen to your skin and trust your intuition.

We hope your journey becomes a voyage of discovery, and we hope you enjoy our new experience. If you’d like to know more, you can always write to

with love,