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Discover the generous wisdom of SAGE and the resonance of No. VII, which signifies the seeker of knowledge. Veiled in the sophisticated almond-like scent of heliotrope flower combined with classic and romantic violet, SAGE is warmed by gourmand notes of vanilla, sensual ylang ylang, and grounding sandalwood. Our floral powdery eau de parfum is a celebration of the consciousness and self-knowledge gained through observing the power of nature.

SAGE is part of les parfums infinis, a collection of one-of-a-kind fragrances inspired by twelve archetypal energies that when integrated, become one. Lovingly crafted in Grasse, why not explore our other fragrances inspired by the air element, such as sugar spiced CREATOR, with its notes of plush suede and powdery iris? Or our citrus floral scent INNOCENT, brightened by the green of apple and basil. We’ve created discovery sets according to the elements ~ fire, air, earth, and water, if you’re drawn to a particular energy ~ while the complete collection of twelve archetypes and signature scent, BECOME is also available.

Traditional fragrances created with a base of alcohol can be drying and ageing for the skin as well as potentially causing hyperpigmentation if sprayed immediately before going in the sun. We carefully formulated our fragrances using Water Plant Emulsion®, a patented technology that combines perfume with water and natural oils for a long-lasting, skin-kind scent. les parfums infinis can also be used on hair to create a veil of scent.

The complete collection of les parfums infinis has been clinically assessed and shown to support the skin's microbiome. Read more.