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Q&A Ingredients

Are your products suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, they are suitable for sensitive skin and are 99.5% from natural origins including the active ingredients, Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP. We have used as many organic ingredients as possible, particularly our essential oils and extracts. Please be aware that even natural ingredients can cause allergic reactions, so be sure to check the ingredients before use. 

Do you use GM ingredients?

We do not use any genetically modified ingredients of any kind, as this goes against our belief of creating ground-breaking products from natural origins, proven by scientific efficacy.

Do you use nanotechnology?

We do not use nanotechnology. Although the fine silver particles in our hydrosol are nano-size, they are generated naturally through an electrolysis process, whereas nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular scale and therefore, artificially engineered.

How natural are your ingredients?

Our ingredients are 99.5% from natural origins including the active ingredients, Silver Hydrosol & DNA HP. We have used as many organic ingredients as possible, particularly our essential oils and extracts. The protective qualities of the violet glass and the naturally antibacterial properties of Silver Hydrosol have allowed us to use only the very mildest combination of two food grade preservatives. Sodium benzoate is derived from the benzoic acid found in cocoa powder, cranberries, prunes and cinnamon. Potassium sorbate is derived from the ascorbic acid which occurs naturally in the European Rowan berry.

Is your formula suitable for Vegetarians or Vegans?

Vegetarian ~ YES  |  Vegan ~ NO

Our patented formula contains DNA extracted from salmon milt, therefore as an animal by-product it is not suitable for vegans. However, as our DNA HP does not contain any animal proteins but simply a sequence of nucleotides, our patented formula is suitable for vegetarians. 


Will your ingredients clog my pores?

Our products are non-comedogenic, which means they will not clog your pores. We use only natural oils and extracts with non-comedogenic properties which are easily absorbed by the skin. By comparison, synthetic oils such as petrochemicals and silicones are highly comedogenic since they form a heavy film on the surface of the skin not allowing it to breathe.

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