Spend over £50 ~ free la potion infinie (14ml).
Spend over £100 ~ free la potion infinie (14ml) and la lotion infinie (200ml).

What makes our brushes different?

Body brushing is a wonderful practice to fire up the body ~ it stimulates the circulation within blood vessels and encourages movement within the lymphatic system to remove toxins. Dry cells are sloughed from the skin’s surface revealing glowing and healthy skin, which feels smoother and softer.

However, brushes can harbour harmful bacteria if they are not cleaned regularly and kept in a dry environment. Our brush bristles are infused with silver ion technology and the handles are treated in the same way, ensuring that the entire brush is 99.7% effective in reducing the presence of harmful bacteria.

By using our brushes, you’re ensuring a healthy environment for the skin so that the natural balance of the skin’s microbiome can flourish.