Spend over £50 ~ free la potion infinie (14ml).
Spend over £100 ~ free la potion infinie (14ml) and la lotion infinie (200ml).

What makes our brushes different?

Using a facial brush for cleansing the skin every few days is a good way to ensure that pores are free from dirt and build-up, supporting a healthy complexion. Some facial brushes can be too harsh for some skin types, but our silver-infused nylon bristles are gentle and effective ~ ensuring 99.7% effectiveness in removing harmful bacteria 

The beechwood and bamboo handle of the brush is also treated with silver ion technology, ensuring that the entire brush is 99.7% effective in reducing the presence of bacteria, so that it remains hygienic between uses.

la lune d’argent helps to maintain a healthy environment for the skin so that the natural balance of the skin’s microbiome can flourish.