Discover the beauty in balance


Wear our spiced amber fragrance and exude the prowess of No. V, which in numerology celebrates personal freedom, individuality, travel, and adventure ~ seek and hold true north to forge your unconventional path to authenticity.

A spray of EXPLORER on the skin evokes visions of warm, far-off lands. This sweet yet earthy fragrance with the freshness of grapefruit and cardamom invites you to journey both outwards and inwards, while fiery notes of Sichuan pepper ask you to do so with courage. These scents, carefully cultivated in Grasse, culminate as a luxurious spiced amber. 

This unisex eau de parfum is of 97.29% natural origin. Each perfume in our natural fragrance collection uses patented Water Plant Emulsion technology that’s alcohol-free and naturally kind to skin and hair. For similar scents, discover MAGICIAN, our transformative spiced pepper parfum with a sensual element of amber or REBEL, an amber oud fragrance perfect for those who embrace change.

The complete collection of les parfums infinis has been clinically assessed and shown to support the skin's microbiome. Read more.