Discover the beauty in balance


A harmonious blend combining the deliciousness of a gourmand perfume with delicate notes of spice, CREATOR is a light and airy scent that captivates. Layers of apricot-like osmanthus and the honeyed tones of benzoin are tempered with bitter orange and cumin, settling upon soft floral accords of powdery iris and plush suede, making CREATOR intriguingly sweet, but not overpowering.

Connect with your innate creativity when you wear this sugar spice parfum made from ingredients that are 96.66% from natural origins and kind to skin and hair. 

Formulated without solvents or alcohol, CREATOR is a unique, long-lasting fragrance that uses Water Plant Emulsion®. This patented technology mixes oil and water with fragrance for a super-fine spray that creates a moisturising microemulsion on the skin. Explore the complete collection of our natural fragrances ~ LOVER, a rose-based floral musk invites reflection, while RULER, a spiced floral fragrance, boldly asks you to take the lead.

The complete collection of les parfums infinis has been clinically assessed and shown to support the skin's microbiome. Read more.